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  • 1869 Legal Document with Revenue Stamps

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    This is an 1869 Legal Document with Revenue Stamps in a civil case between J.W. Cooper and Robert Peterson for the payment of $18.75 for work done on a wagon.  The paper passes judgment against Peterson, requiring him to pay Cooper.  The document, created on a page from a legal tablet, measures 12.5" long by 7.75" wide and is handwritten in what is now brown ink.  It includes three two cents revenue stamps (required at that time for legal documents), each showing a portrait of George Washington in brown and orange ink.  The number 2 appears at each corner with the word "two" on the hand side and the word "cents" on the right.  The words "U.S.Inter.Rev." above and below the portrait.  All three have been marked with an X.  This 1869 Legal Document with Revenue Stamps is in better than good condition.  There are two small tears along the edges of the center seam line and some staining particularly on the back.