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  • Zuni Beaver Fetish by Alvert Lamy

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    This Zuni Beaver Fetish by Alvert Lamy was hand carved into a tagua nut (also called vegetable ivory) which is from the Tagua palm tree found in South America.  The nut is extremely hard, takes a high polish, and can be toasted into a rich golden brown or deep mocha color or dyed easily.  It should not be gotten wet and should be buffed with beeswax once a year.  The beaver fetish represents achievement, hard work and the family unit.  This fetish measures 1.5" in length by 1" in width by 0.75" in height.  It shows the beaver with its ears pressed back against its head, inset round turquoise eyes, indented nostrils, curved and split upper lip, nailed front and back paws, large flat tail, and hair etched on to its head and body.  The base has been colored deep brown.  The fetish is signed "Alvert Lamy Zuni, NM" under the base.  This Zuni Beaver Fetish by Alvert Lamy is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.