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  • Miniature Wild Boar's Mounted Head by Teresa Dudley

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    This beautifully detailed wild boar's mounted head was handcrafted by renowned miniaturist Teresa Dudley in 1988.  The boar has small amber eyes with multi-wrinkled lids, white curved tusks, a pink snout with wide nostrils, alert ears, and a furry skin.  The head measures 1.75" (from the end of the snout to the tip of the ear), 1" wide (from ear tip to ear tip), and 1.25" deep (from the end of the snout to the wood backing).  It sits on a stained wood back (2" high by 1.75" wide), which is in the traditional trophy style for a mounted animal head.  The piece is signed, dated, and named on back.  In very good condition.  This miniature was purchased from its sole previous owner.