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Virgin of Guadalupe Print on Canvas

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This Virgin of Guadalupe Print on Canvas, measuring 9" high by 5.5" wide, is a reproduction of the Virgin of Guadalupe painting at the Shrine of Guadalupe in Mexico City.  The Virgin is shown standing on a crescent moon (once believed to have been silver but now turned dark) with the bottom of her robe carried by a cherubic angel dressed in pink with blue, yellow and gold open wings.  She is shown in contemplation with praying hands, tilted head, and down-turned, heavy-lidded eyes.  Her face has been described as that of a mestiza girl with high cheek-bones, delicate features, and straight, unbraided black hair simply parted in the middle and framing her face  Her dress is composed of a decorative gold flower and vine pattern on a pink background with black tassels tied at the waist and her mantle is cerulean blue with  eight point gold stars and edging.  There is a brooch with a colonial styled cross barely visible at her neck.  She is surrounded by a gold mandorla (a pointed oval architectural feature used as an aureole for religious figures) made of straight gold rays with a scalloped edge.  Beyond this is an unpainted expanse with a faint blue tinge.  In the top right hand corner is a nitric acid spill which occurred in 1791.  The image has been printed on a piece of cotton canvas.  Maker and age are unknown, but this appears to be a contemporary reproduction.  This Virgin of Guadalupe Print on Canvas is in Very Good condition with no wear or damage.