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  • Vintage Valentine Card with Satin Bows

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    This is an unusual Vintage Valentine Card with Satin Bows.  The 5" high by 6" wide thin cardboard card shows black silhouetted stick figures of a man, woman, and bird.  The couple is shown together kissing and separately with a woman bowing to a man on his knee across the card.  A bird, standing on a large red question mark with the words "Guess Who", appears to be singing to them.  Inside a red scalloped outline of a heart, there are a series of rhyming couplets under the heading "To One Whom I Adore."  Each couplet is accompanied by a small colorful satin ribbon.  The couplets request that the receiver of the card return to the sender the bows which best express his/her feelings.  Originally, there were eight bows, but the blue and green bows were apparently sent to an admirer.  The card still contains the pale yellow, white, yellow-orange, red, pink and orchid bows.  Manufacturer and age are unknown.  This Vintage Valentine Card with Satin Bows is in very good condition. Some very light staining but no damage.