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  • Vintage Uncle Sam's 3 Coin Register Bank

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    This Vintage Uncle Sam's 3 Coin Register Bank was manufactured by the Durable Toy & Novelty Corporation of Cleveland, OH from 1930 to 1960.  Made of tin and painted black with gold accents, the bank has a classic old cash register shape with a coin slot on front that can accept nickels, dimes and quarters and a hole for paper money on back; two rotating dials that register the amount deposited in dollars and cents: and a ring-shaped pull lever.  It measures 6.1875" high by 4.5625" wide by 5.25" deep.  It is stamped with company information and instructions for repair on back.  This bank is marked "Patent Applied For," suggesting that it is an earlier model of the bank.  This Vintage Uncle Sam's 3 Coin Register Bank is in Fair Condition and no longer works.  The surface is rusted, dented and scratched.  The front bottom panel is pushed in.  The back slot has been pried open.  One of the front plastic panels over the dials is missing.  Ideal for use in an art project.