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  • Vintage Texas Map Oversized Postcards

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    Each of these two Vintage Texas Map Oversized Postcards humorously plays on the saying that everything is bigger and better in Texas.  "Here Lies Texas," is an advertising card sent to Griggs Stationary Store in Orange, Texas in 1951.  It declares itself to be a "Texas Brags Postcard Texas Size," measuring 10.75" high by 8" wide with a fold in the middle.  It was produced by John Randolph of Tomball, Texas to advertise his new book, The Jokes on Texas.  The map shows an enlarged illustrated Texas with green background above a smaller yellow United States, pink Canada, purple Mexico and blue globe.  Illustrations include people, animals, and oil wells with descriptions such as "beefiest cattle," "prettiest gals," "tallest men" and "orneriest rattlers."  The bottom includes humorous sentences about the state and its people.  "A True Map of Texas with Adjacent Territories of the United States and Mexico" is a "Texas Size Postcard," measuring 8.75" high by 7" wide with a fold in the middle.  Printed in 1949 and distributed by L. M. Gray of Orange, Texas, it shows an enlarged Texas in pink over the United States and Mexico in pale blue.  Cities are marked in black and include descriptions such as "World's best" and "World's biggest."  There is also a conversion table turning areas and objects such as miles, acres, mules and catfish into Texas-sized proportions.  Both of these Vintage Texas Map Oversized Postcards are in very good condition.  The "Here Lies Texas" postcards does have some staining on the address side.