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  • Vintage Stamped Red Brass Circus Seal

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    This is a wonderful Vintage Stamped Red Brass Circus Seal balancing a ball on its nose.  The seal is shown with its head turned to the side over its back and its ears held back.  Its front flippers are arched out and its tail held straight down for balance.  Its face has a simple, large eye and a whiskered mouth.  It is wearing a large collar with horizontal lines and three concave circles.  There are two tabs -- one wing-shaped above his front flipper and one rectangular at back -- whose purpose is unknown.  The seal measures 1.625" (41mm) long by 1.875" high (48mm).  Maker and exact age are unknown.  The design was first used in the 1930's.  This Vintage Stamped Red Brass Circus Seal is in very good condition with minor greening on the collar which could be polished out.