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  • Vintage Stamped Brass Oval Frame

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    This is an unusual Vintage Stamped Brass Oval Frame, measuring 3" high by 2" wide by 0.125" thick.  (The picture area measures 1.6875"high by 1.5" wide.)  The frame has a simple design with flower and flourish top and two triangular legs with a recessed dot pattern in the center.  There is a plastic covering which may be tinted or has yellowed over time.  The back opens by releasing four metal prongs.  This frame have had a wire extension to allow it to stand up but this is missing so that it now lays flat.  Maker and age are unknown.  The frame has been left unpolished so that the brass has a rich patina of age.  This Vintage Stamped Brass Oval Frame is in good condition with minor surface dings and wear which add to its feeling of age.  Ideal for art project.