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  • Vintage Shell Cameo of a Greek Goddess

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    This is a beautifully carved Vintage Shell Cameo of a Greek Goddess.  She is shown in profile with a straight nose, slightly parted lips, round chin, and deeply set eye.  Her hair has been swept back and held by a ribbon, while loose tendrils fall to her shoulders.  She wears a crown with cross-hatching, a string of beads around her neck, and a sleeveless dress.  The oval cameo measures 1.1875" (30mm) high by 0.9375" (24mm) wide by 0.125" (3mm) thick.  The background is an orange-brown color, while the goddess is off-white with pale yellow accents.  These colors suggest that this cameo has been carved from a bullmouth helmet shell.  The shell back has an irregular, wavy form.  (See photographs.)  The cameo is unset.  Maker, country of origin, age, and name of the goddess are unknown.  It is possible that she is the goddess Demeter/Ceres, who presided over agricultural fertility and motherly relationships.  Her hairstyle, crown, beads, and dress are similar to those of Demeter/Ceres, as found in ancient sculptures and other cameos. This Vintage Shell Cameo of a Greek Goddess is in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.  Ideal for re-purposing.