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  • Vintage Oversized Celluloid Buttons

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    These two Vintage Oversized Celluloid Buttons have the same Art Deco geometric design with a tan diamonf center on a deep brown background; radiating, incised, off-kilter lines forming four surrounding equal panels; two round outer rings; and two center holes.  The larger button measures 2.625" (67mm) in diameter, while the smaller button measures 2" (51mm) in diameter.  Both are 0.1875" (about 5mm) in height at the slightly domed center.  The holes measure 0.09375" (about 2.5mm) in diameter with the larger button having a front channel between them to hold the thread.  Each is backed with metal painted black.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  The celluloid fronts of these Vintage Oversized Celluloid Buttons are in Very Good condition with no cracks or dents.  The metal backing of the smaller button has rusted along the outside edge.