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  • Vintage Ladies Ship's Wheel Lapel Watch

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    This is a Vintage Ladies Ship's Wheel Lapel Watch, manufactured by the Roman Company.  The watch case, designed to look like a ship's wheel with six handles, measures 1.375" (35mm) in diameter and has metal plating that is 10k rolled gold-filled.  The face has two white dials: the large hours and minutes dial with gold numbers, gold minute marks and gold openwork hands and the small seconds dial with black numbers in increments of ten, black second marks, and a single gold straight hand.  There is a large wind-up knob on the side and a lobster claw clasp that hangs from the bottom handle.  The watch may have originally come with a pin, as many lapel watches had pins in the shape of bows or arrows.  It would have been hung upside down on the lapel so that the wearer could hold it up to read the time.  The back of the case is stamped "U10k.R.G.P."  No information was found on the Roman watch company.  Exact age is unknown.  This Vintage Ladies Ship's Wheel Lapel Watch is in very good condition.  It does run but may need a cleaning.