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  • Vintage La Jeune Human Hair Net

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    This is a Vintage La Jeune Human Hair Net in Light Brown with a Fringe Shape and Double Mesh, imported and offered by Sherman & McConnell Drug Co. of Omaha, Nebraska.  The front of the envelope has a black and white photograph of a young woman wearing the hair net with a netted background and a art nouveau style leaf, flower and swirl pattern.  The back text stresses that the hair net was "Made by Hand," "Rigidly Inspected, Sterilized," and "Strictly Sanitary."  It is guaranteed to be "perfect and full size" and "an absolute match for every shade of hair."  It has been "specially processed for strength and durability."  This Vintage La Jeune Human Hair Net is in Very Good condition and appears never to have been removed from its tissue paper wrapping.  The envelope, however, has been opened (the tongue of the envelope separated from the body and one side slit open) and the paper is now quite fragile, particularly along the upper edge.