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  • Vintage Japanese Mother and Child Cloth Doll

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    This is a Vintage Japanese Mother and Child Cloth Doll, made in the 1960s in Japan for export to the U.S.  Measuring 12.5" high by 4.5" wide by 2" deep,  the all-cloth doll is of a young Japanese mother carrying her child inside the back of her floral yukata (a kimono-like robe made of lightweight, bright fabric that is worn specifically in the spring and summer.  The mother has a traditional Japanese hairstyle, made from navy blue strands of yarn and embellished with a red and white flower and red and white striped decorative bow.  Beside her turquoise yukata with purple trimmed sleeves, she wears a pink floral dress and a a red and white scarf at the neckline.  The child, a head on a cocoon-like body made from the turquoise floral fabric, wears a red hat with white trim and a multi-colored tassel.  Both mother and child have printed faces with black eyes, lashes and brows; black dot nostrils; and small, bowed red lips.  This Vintage Japanese Mother and Child Cloth Doll is in good condition.  The purple trim on her yukata has faded.  There is slight staining to the mother's face and some bleeding of ink on the child's face.  Ideal for use in an art project.