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  • Vintage Handmade Cloth Doll with Carved Wood Head

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    This is a one-of-a-kind Vintage Handmade Cloth Doll with Carved Wood Head, measuring about 14" high by 7.25" wide by 3.5" deep.  Her wood head and neck have been roughly carved out of a 3.25"x1.5"x2.25" block of wood with a distinct grain.  She has a flat profile, long rounded forehead, oval cheeks which form a V-shaped jaw-line and ears on the side of the head, and a thin round neck.  The face has been hand-painted with round cartoon-like black eyes with large white irises and black eyelashes; dark brown eyebrows, two red dotted nostrils; and a red bowed mouth.  Her coarse deep yellow yarn hair has been fashioned into bangs and two braids, tied with deep pink embroidery thread, and attached to each side of her head with a metal U.  She has a one-piece coarse off-white cotton body with down-turned U-shaped arms.  It appears to be filled with cotton wadding.  She is wearing lace-edged off-white pantaloons; an off-white translucent cotton shirt with pink embroidery thread and lace embellishments; a pale blue cotton skirt with a white and deep pink ring design and matching embellishments; and a simple black velvet vest with matching black velvet shoes (one with a pink embroidery thread tie).  The clothes are clearly handmade on a sewing machine.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Vintage Handmade Cloth Doll with Carved Wood Head is in generally very good condition.  She has no damage or wear.  However, she does have some light staining on her hands and more significant discoloration (fading and yellowing) on her skirt, particularly at the back.