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  • Vintage Female Ice Skater Paper Dolls

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    This item consists of two Vintage Female Ice Skater Paper Dolls: a 9" high stationary blonde skater in a yellow outfit and a 8.75" high black-haired skater in a pink outfit who appears to be starting to skate.  Both skaters look away from us with open-mouthed smiles.  They were pressed out of thin cardboard, but the black-haired skater has been glued on to a thicker piece of cardboard (perhaps because she had multiple tears at the neck, arms, wrist and leg which were repaired with tape).  The blonde skater comes with nine outfits (both short and long), including a cowgirl dress; a Native American dress; a red, white and blue Fourth of July dress; a princess dress; and a flamenco dancer dress.  The black-haired skater comes with seven outfits (both short and long), including a Greek style toga; a German beer garden dress; and a red romper with red, white, and blue short shirt.  Maker and exact age are unknown, but it is believed that they were made in the 1950s.  These Vintage Female Ice Skater Paper Dolls are in generally Good condition (with the repairs described).  Ideal for use in collage or other art project.