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  • Vintage Effanbee Doll Head and Shoulder Plate

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    This is a Vintage Effanbee Doll Head and Shoulder Plate, made out of composition.  The head has sleep tin eyes with hair eyelashes; painted rust brown eyebrows and black lower eyelashes; molded button nose with painted red nostrils; molded pursed mouth, painted red; wide, full cheeks, painted pale pink; and simple molded ears.  A caracul (lambswool) wig in a pinkish-blonde color and curly style has been glued to the head.  The 4" long by 11.5" in circumference head is attached to the shoulder plate with a spring and does not move.  The two pieces measure 6" high in the front and 5.5" in the back, where the shoulder plate is shorter.  The shape and details of the face suggest that this is part of Effanbee's Patsy line, made in the 1930's.  The back of the head has the raised and curved "Effanbee" mark.  This Vintage Effanbee Doll Head and Shoulder Plate is in better than good condition with no damage or wear to the composition surface or wig.  However, both eyes have started to granulate, giving them a clouded look.  Ideal for use in assemblage or other art projects.