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  • Vintage Danish Illustrated Paperback Book Covers

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    This item consists of ten Vintage Danish Illustrated Paperback Book Covers, published by different book companies between the late 1940s and the early 1950s.  The covers include: Foraaret Saa Sagte Kommer: Erindringer by Kaj Munk (9.875"x6.75"); Den Spanske Gartner by A.J. Cronin (7.875"x5.625"); Kvinde Gaa Mod Solen by Karen Aabye (8.125"x5.4375"); Det Blåser Fra Dauingfjell by Trygve Gulbranssen (7.6875"x5"); Ham Verden Hader by Brett Robey (8"x5.375"); Den gyldne Ø by Frank G. Slaughter (8.875"x5.625"); Ikke dødmen Kœrlighed by Frank G. Slaughter (8"x5.625"); Lykkens Tempel by Alice Lyttkens (8"x5.625"); Winston S. Churchill by K. Bógholm (8"x5.25"); and Lykkens Spil by Gwen Bristow (8"x5.625").  There is a variety of imagery (all illustrated except for the photograph of Churchill), color palettes, and paper weights (from light weight to heavy weight).  These Vintage Danish Illustrated Paperback Book Covers are in Good to Very Good condition. The Kaj Munk cover has a 1" tear along the top edge and the Gwen Bristow cover has foxing.  Ideal for use in collage or other art projects.