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  • Vintage Composition Baby Doll Arms

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    This is a pair of Vintage Composition Baby Doll Arms with a slight curve at the elbow and an oval top with a 1.375" x 1" opening, which met the fabric body at mid upper arm.  The arms have a chubby baby shape and measure 6" long from top to curved fingertips.  Both hands have curved, lined fingers with open thumbs and raised index and pinkie fingers; defined fingernails; dimples and creased palms.  The paint is in a deep pinkish flesh tone.  Maker and exact age are unknown.   These Vintage Composition Baby Doll Arms are in generally Good Condition.  The side seams are noticeable and the composition surface has crazing but no missing pieces.  There is wear on the hands (particularly the knuckles and fingertips) and both index fingers appear to be missing a small section of their tips.  Ideal for use in assemblage or other art projects.