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  • Vintage Collapsible Wood Leopard

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    This whimsical Vintage Collapsible Wood Leopard stands 3.125" tall (on a 1.35" high by 1.8125" in diameter base) by 2.5  by 1.3125".  The leopard has a natural wood round head with a flattened snout and small round ears, large deep turquoise eyes, and painted black nose and unsmiling mouth; a natural wood oblong body with black painted spots; a straight pointed tail made of natural and black  tubular beads; and for legs made of natural and black round beads on natural wood lozenge-shaped bead feet.  The leopard sits on a painted green base with a push button bottom, whose spring is still tight.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Vintage Collapsible Wood Leopard is in Very Good condition with no wear.  However, there is a crack under the chin.