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  • Vintage Bingo and Pokeno Cards

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    This item consists of 18 Vintage Bingo and Pokeno Cards.  The ten red, white, and blue Bingo cards, measuring 5.75" high by 4.625" wide, come from the 1959 game produced by the Whitman Publishing Company.  Printed on thin cardboard, each unique card has a grid of twenty-four numbered spaces and one "Free Space" at the center.  "Whitman Publishing Company" is marked at the bottom and a red number is stamped in the upper left hand corner.  The eight Pokeno cards, measuring 9.75" high by 7.25" wide, were manufactured in the 1960's by the U.S. Playing Card Co.  Printed on heavy weight cardboard, each unique board has twenty-five 1.75" high by 1.25" wide playing cards in rows of five against a deep navy blue background.  The bottom is marked "Trade Mark 366,741" with a letter and number (e.g. "A-4" or "C-1").  These Vintage Bingo and Pokeno Cards are in very good condition and appear to be unused.  Ideal for art projects.