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  • Vintage Balinese Dewi Sri Coin Wall Sculpture

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    This is a Vintage Balinese Dewi Sri Coin Wall Sculpture, probably created during the 1950's.  Dewi Sri is the goddess of rice, fertility and wealth and she with her husband, Batara Sedana, are often displayed in Balinese and Javanese homes to bring family prosperity.  This beautiful sculpture measures 20" high by 5" wide.  She is composed of over 100 old Chinese Kepeng coins which have been joined together with string.  (This process is an ancient Balinese art form.  The coins are considered to have special powers.)   She is embellished with an ornately carved, gold painted sandalwood face, hands and feet.  Her detailed headdress, collar, necklace, girdle, long sash, bracelets and anklets are all made from pale red leather which has also been painted gold.  There is a hook for hanging attached to the top of her head, which easily holds her weight of just over a pound.  This Vintage Balinese Dewi Sri Coin Wall Sculpture is in very good condition.  She does have some wear to the gold paint, which just adds to her beauty.