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  • Vintage 1917 Model T Tin Friction Car

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    This is a Japanese made Vintage 1917 Model T Tin Friction Car, measuring 4.5" long by 2.5" wide by 2" high. The car has a deep navy blue squared exterior with six open windows (windshield; two small rectangular on each side; one large rectangular on back); running board fenders; a turquoise front grill with unpainted tin border and headlight; a pale yellow rectangular roof with rounded edges; and black rubber tires with yellow spokes. The interior has red and white striped tin front and backs seats; a white dashboard painted with two turquoise gauges, a gear shift, and burgundy details; and a movable steering wheel. The top of the back seat is marked "Made in Japan."  Manufacturer and exact age are unknown. This Vintage 1917 Model T Tin Friction Car is in Good condition.  The friction mechanism is still working. There are some minor chips in the paint (particularly on the roof); rust on the steering wheel, the windshield posts; the wheel shaft, and roof spots; and small cracks in the tires (which are still intact).