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  • Victorian Die Cut Scrap of Young Girl with Roses

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    This is a 9" high by 2.625" wide Victorian Die Cut Scrap of a Young Girl with Roses.  The girl has shoulder length blonde hair (embellished with a blue bow), large blue-gray eyes, and an unsmiling pink rosebud mouth.  She is wearing a blue dress with a pink and green on gold paisley sash and hem.  She wears black fingerless netted elbow length gloves and black high button shoes.  In her right hand, she holds the gold tassel that hangs from her patterned white collar.  In her left hand, she holds a bouquet of red, pink and yellow roses and buds.  This scrap has chromolithic printing and embossing on medium weight brown paper.  Make and exact age are unknown.  This does not appear to be a reproduction.  This Victorian Die Cut Scrap of a Young Girl with Roses is in very good condition with no signs of damage or wear.