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  • Two Left Doll Arms

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    This item consists of Two Left Doll Arms of differing sizes.  The larger arm measures 5" long and is in a straight position with opened fingers.  The hand has dimples, crease, and nail lines.  The elbow is also slightly dimpled.  It is embossed at the top with what appears to be "264" and it has a rusted metal hook attachment.  The smaller arm measures 2.5" high in its bent position.  The hand has curved fingers with raised thumb but no surface details.  It also has a metal hook at the top.  Both arms seem to be made from some composite material, although it is not the traditional composition with sawdust base.  Manufacturer and age are unknown, although they do not appear to be new.  Both of these Two Left Doll Arms are in very good condition.  Ideal for assemblage or other art project.