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  • Tropical Birds

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    This 1948 hardcover book of Tropical Birds, the first publishing by Batsford Colour Books, is the reproduction of some of the finest and most interesting plates from John Gould's Birds of New Guinea and the adjacent Papuan Islands (originally published between 1875 and 1888), as well as a selection of Gould's other works.  Sacheverell Sitwell provided the introduction and notes on the plates.  The sixteen birds, shown in all of their brilliant colors, are: Lesser Bird of Paradise; Grey-chested Bird of Paradise; Magnificent Bird of Paradise; Lesser Superb Bird of Paradise; Blue-eyed Cockatoo; Leadbeater's Cockatoo; Rose-breasted Cockatoo; Yellow-bellied Parakeet; Fiery Parakeet; Pennant's Parakeet; Blue-streaked Lory; Gouldian Finch; Red-breasted Toucan; Spotted Kingfisher; Four-coloured Kingfisher; and New Ireland Fruit Pigeon.  (Ten of the plates are shown here.)  Each page measures 9" high by 7" wide and is suitable for framing.  The plates from Tropical Birds are in very good condition, although the paper has slightly yellowed over time.  The outside spine of the book and the dustjacket (which has been covered) show wear. There is discoloration to half of the end papers.  The front end paper has the names of the original owners (Elizabeth and Bruce Lamb) written in brown ink.