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Tintype of an Infant on a Floral Coverlet

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This is a 3.5" by 2.5" 19th century Tintype of an Infant on a Floral Coverlet.  The beautiful infant with pale eyes, rosebud mouth and tuft of dark hair above a wide forehead is shown dressed in a long white gown, possibly a christening gown.  The cheeks have been hand painted pink.  The eyes are open but appear distant and the hands are balled with the fingers curled into the palms.  The photograph has a soft focus and has been lightly sepia-toned.  It is possible that this a death photograph.  The baby has been positioned on the diagonal so that the heavily decorated floral coverlet and out of focus studio backdrop of feather leafed plants almost dominate the photograph.  It does seem as though there may be a device below the coverlet to hold the baby in place.  This Tintype of an Infant on a Floral Coverlet is in very good condition with no dents or damage to the surface.  There is a faint line around the right hand side and bottom of the image, which can only be seen when the tintype is held at an angle.  This appears to be a mark from either the original mat or the window in an album.