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  • Tibetan Skull Prayer Beads

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    This item consists of 18 Tibetan Skull Prayer Beads which represent the impermanence of life and the limits of human knowledge.  Skull-shaped beads help chanters reflect upon the inevitability of death and the necessity of embracing lives filled with compassion.  Hand carved in yak bone, this material emphasizes the skull's symbolism and honors the beasts of burden that serve mankind and inspire devotees to serve their fellowman.  Each bead has the characteristic style of elongated, rectangular double skulls; large, open eye sockets which go through the bead; indented nasal cavity; and recessed jaw and mouth with defined teeth which appear to be smiling.  No two beads are exactly alike in details or size, although they are all about 0.5" (13mm) in length by 0.375" (9mm) in width.  A 0.0625" (2mm) hole runs through the bead vertically.  Maker and age of the beads are unknown, but the deeper yellow-orange color of the bone suggests that they are not recently made.  These Tibetan Skull Prayer Beads are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.