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  • Tibetan Prayer Wheel Bead

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    This is a Tibetan Prayer Wheel Bead fashioned in copper, brass, and silver-plated metals.  The bead measures 1.75" (44mm) long by 1" (25mm) in diameter with 0.125" (3mm) holes and has a copper barrel-shaped body with conical ends.  The universal prayer for peace, "Om mani padme hum" ("The jewel in the heart of the lotus"), is written in brass in two rows around the bead.  There are three bands (each with three rows of silver-plated dots) on the body of the bead and a petal-like silver-plated design with a single row of dots on each cap.  The bead was made in Nepal.  Maker is unknown.  This Tibetan Prayer Wheel Bead is in very good condition with no damage or wear.