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  • Tibetan Hand Carved Yak Bone Skull Beads

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    This item consists of 20 Tibetan Hand Carved Yak Bone Skull Beads.  Each bead measures about 0.4375" (11mm) high by 0.3125" (8mm) wide by 0.375" (9mm) deep.  The skull has deep round eye holes, a triangular nose with dotted nostrils, and incised teeth (with all the features accented in deep brown) in a rectangular-shaped head with a rounded crown.  Each bead is unique, having been hand carved in yak bone which is ivory to tan in color and tinted light pink.  The hole, measuring about 0.0625" (2mm), runs vertically through the skull.  Maker(s) and age are unknown.  Three bags are available with individual beads varying slightly from those shown in the photographs.  These Tibetan Hand Carved Yak Bone Skull Beads are in very good condition with no signs of damage or wear.