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1900 Print (A New Use For The Phonograph) from The Clown's Duel

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This humorous print entitled "A New Use For The Phonograph" comes from The Clown's Duel and Other Stories Without Words, published by E.S. Gorham (New York) in about 1900.  These 6 narrative color illustrations show two boys listening to a phonograph, when they should be doing their schoolwork.  The teacher comes in and they hide the phonograph behind one boy's back.  The teacher discovers it, takes the phonograph away, and makes them read. The last panel shows both boys reading, while they wear helmets with donkey ears as punishment.  The page measures 9.75" high by 6.625" wide and is a medium-weight tan-colored paper. The final panel appears to be signed R. de la Nepiere(?) 1902.  In very good condition, although due to the acidic content and age of the paper, the page has yellowed, particularly around the edges.