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  • The Artist's Joke

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    This is the 2007 paperback edition of The Artist's Joke, edited by Jennifer Higgie (the coeditor of Frieze magazine) and published by Whitechapel as part of their Documents of Contemporary Art series.  This book surveys the rich and diverse uses of humor by avant-garde and contemporary artists.  Ever since the Dadaists, humor in one or more of its guises -- absurd, ironic, tragi-comic, mordant, gothically dark, deadpan, camp or kitsch -- has frequently surfaced as a subversive, troubling or liberating element in art.  It has transformed both the practice and the experience of art.  In these 238 pages, artists' writings are accompanied and contextualized by the work of critics and thinkers such as Freud, Bergson, Helene Cixous, Slavoj Zizek, Jorg Heiser, Jo Ann Isaak, and Ralph Rugoff.  Text in English.  This copy of The Artist's Joke is in very good condition with minor shelf wear to the exterior and a Like New interior.  (ISBN 978-0-262-58274-2 and 0-262-58274-0)