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  • Contemporary Metal Thai Style Buddha Head

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    This is a Contemporary Metal Thai Style Buddha Head with large ears and extended earlobes (signifying Buddha's ability to hear all) and a facial expression (closed eyes and faint smile) showing contemplation and contentment, after attaining enlightenment.  He has angular features, a raised urna (the circular forehead dot which symbolizes the third eye and the divine world), and raised dot hair (depicting his tightly curled coils which grew after he shaved his head) with an ushnisha (a three-dimensional oval at the top of the head which is a topknot like a crown and represents an opened crown chakra of pure consciousness).  The head measures 7.5" high by 5" wide (at the tops of the earlobes) by 5" deep with his skin painted a rubbed tannish white and his hair painted gold.  It is clearly made of metal (probably an alloy such as brass) with the inside irregularities suggesting that it was cast, possibly with the sand casting method.  Origins are unknown, although the head may have been made in China.  This Contemporary Metal Thai Style Buddha Head is in very good condition with no signs of damage or wear.