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  • St Anne Embossed Metal Pocket Plaque

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    This is a St Anne Embossed Metal Pocket Plaque with a Prayer to St. Anne inside a blue vinyl folding case.  The silver-colored plaque, measuring 2.25" high by 1.4375" wide, shows a seated St. Anne with her arm around Jesus as a child.  Her eyes are cast down towards a book that is open in her lap and her left hand, palm out, is raised as if illustrating a point.  One post of the chair and part of a tiled floor can be seen behind her.  "Saint Anne" is embossed in an arch above her head.  A prayer asking for St. Anne's intercession has been printed on a 2.25"x1.5" piece of thin cardboard.  The folding case measures 2.625" high by 3.9375" wide when open.  Both the plaque and the case have been marked "Made in Italy."  This St Anne Embossed Metal Pocket Plaque is in Like New condition.