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  • Snowflake Obsidian Beads and Leaves

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    This item consists of Snowflake Obsidian Beads and Leaves.  Snowflake Obsidian (also known as Flowering Obsidian), found primarily in Utah, is a black and pale gray volcanic glass that has formed as lava quickly cools.  The beautiful snowflake patterns are produced by internal crystallites.  Snowflake obsidian is said to promote a sense of protection and reverence.  These 40 round beads measure 9mm (0.375") in diameter with about a 1mm (0.0394") hole.  Each of the four leaves measures 21mm (0.8125") high by 14mm (0.5625") wide at the base with a 2mm (0.0787") hole, which runs the length of the leaf.  Each side has three notches to create the leaf pattern.  Both the beads and the leaves have natural variations from one piece to another.  All of these Snowflake Obsidian Beads and Leaves are in Like New condition and appear never to have been used.