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  • 1943 Girl Scout Paper Doll with Uniforms

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    This items consists of a 1943 Girl Scout Paper Doll with Uniforms from 32 countries around the world.  She stands 9" high and is made of cardboard with blonde doll hair laced through a cardboard bow.  She is printed on both front and back, but the back lacks details.  The paper doll is marked patent number 12323522 at the base.  Her 32 uniforms come from the United States, Italy, Belgium, Haiti, India, The Philippines, Egypt, Australia, South Africa, Eire Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, France, Suomi-Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, Pakistan, and Brazil.  Each sheet has not only the uniform but the country's flag, an outline drawing of a girl in the outfit, and the Girl Scout emblem.  One outfit has been cut out.  This 1943 Girl Scout Paper Doll with Uniforms is in good condition.  There is a crease across one leg of the paper doll.  The set of uniforms may not be complete.