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  • Santo Nino de Atocha Pin by Alice Seely

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    This Santo Nino de Atocha Pin by Alice Seely shows her original design of the Christ Child popular among Hispanic cultures of Spain, Latin American and the Southwestern United States.  The Holy Infant is characterized by the basket he carries, a staff he holds, and a cape with a scallop shell, symbol of a pilgrimage to Saint James.  His two principle shrines are in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico and Chimayo, New Mexico.  Seely, who works out of her studio in Hondo, New Mexico, has adapted her design from 19th century folk art found in a New Mexico Church.  With its rounded top, the pin measures 2.25" high by 1.25" wide and about 0.09" thick.  It is made of lead free pewter with a blackened background.  The pin is stamped Alice Seely with a copyright date of 2000.  This Santo de Atocha Pin by Alice Seely is in Like New condition.