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  • Pre-Columbian Style Figurative Clay Beads

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    These two Pre-Columbian Style Figurative Clay Beads have the look of an Aztec sculpture with decorative headdress, slit eyes, triangular noses, straight mouths, large ring earrings, and simple lined fingers and toes.  They measure 1.75" (about 44mm) high by about 0.875" (22mm) wide at the headdress.  A 0.125" (3mm) hole runs horizontally behind the eyes.  The surface is a deep smoky gray with a pale tan chalky color in the incised areas.  The back is flat and unadorned.  Each bead is hand made so that there are natural variations between the two.  (For example, one bead has holes pierced in the eyes, mouth and earrings.)  Maker and exact age are unknown.  Given the design, it is believed that these beads were made in Mexico.  These Pre-Columbian Style Figurative Clay Beads are in Very Good condition with no damage or wear.