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  • Pre Columbian Style Clay Heads and Hand

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    This item consists of eight Pre Columbian Style Clay Heads and Hand, ranging in size from 0.875" in diameter (round animal faced beads) to 1.625" long (hand bead).  Four of the clay heads (three are identical) show a Pre Columbian face with almond-shaped narrowed eyes, wide based nose, and straight mouth, bordered by a headdress and large round earrings.  One head is that of a bird with a pointed beak, empty oval eyes, defined eye ridges, and a triangular crown of feathers.  These five pieces have flat backs but no holes for attachment.  Two of the clay heads are round beads with three-dimensional faces: circular eyes; wide, flat noses; and open mouths.  They may represent jaguars.  Each has a hole running vertically from the top of the head to the chin.  The last bead is a human hand, including the wrist and lower forearm.  The five fingers have well-defined nails.  There is a horizontal hole across the top of the forearm.  The beads also have flat backs.  The clay has a gray-brown color which seems to have been glazed with a slightly red gloss and smoky char on the three beads.  Maker and age are unknown.  All of these Pre Columbian Style Clay Heads and Hand are in very good condition with no signs of damage or wear.  Ideal for art projects.