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Photogravure of a Native American Man in Traditional Regalia

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This is a black and white Photogravure of a Native American man in traditional regalia.  (A photogravure is an etched print from a photographic negative.)  The portrait shows a young Native American man, looking off to the side, dressed in 19th century regalia from what I believe to be one of the Plains tribes.  He is wearing a bone choker and breastplate (which were worn for protection in battle and during the hunt and as signs of status), two earrings, a patterned shirt, and fur.  He has feathers in his hair, as well as several strings of beads, and carries another feather hanging from a staff in his left hand.  The print measures 12" long by 9.5" wide but has been cut down from its original size.  There is no writing to indicate the names of this Native American man or his photographer (although there are similarities to the images made by Edward Curtis). The age of the original image and of this print are also unknown, although the photogravure process was most frequently used from about 1890 through the 1920's.  The overall image of this Photogravure of a Native American Man in Traditional Regalia is in good condition.  However, there is a 2.5" tear (which has been glued) to the right of the crown of the man's head.