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  • Pewter Climbing Frog Pendant

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    This is a whimsical Pewter Climbing Frog Pendant, measuring 2.25" long by 1.25" wide by 0.25" deep.  The frog has been caught in the act of climbing with the left arm and leg extended and lifted and the right arm and leg bent at the joints.  The frog has large eyes with arched lids and a tapered snout with nostrils.  The skin is beautifully patterned with two ridges along the domed back and varying larger shapes on a background of tiny dots.  Each hand has four pointed fingers, while each foot has five pointed toes.  The surface has been polished and a black dyed added to accentuate the raised details.  The back is hollow at the body and flat on the limbs.  A ring s attached at the mouth.  There is what appears to be a maker's mark (which is impossible to read but may say "c JJ" inside a rectangle).  The style of this frog is identical to one made by JJ Jonette Jewelry in the 1980's.  This Pewter Climbing Frog Pendant is in very good condition with no damage or wear.