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  • Peruvian Bird, Moon and Stars Tupo or Shawl Pin

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    This is a Peruvian Bird, Moon and Stars Tupo or Shawl Pin.  For thousands of years, women in the Andes have used these pins to fasten their garments such as the lliclla (a common shoulder cloth, mostly used in villages).  This pin has the traditional head and stem design and illustrates a theme found in many variations.  The head consists of a two-headed bird woman, accentuated in the center by a 0.375"  (9mm) aqua colored glass cabochon, who is standing on the sleeping face of a horizontal crescent moon.  Two large stars sit on the points of the moon and are held by what appears to be the hands of the bird.  Two chains hang from the moon's back and join to hold a V-shaped charm incised with a vine.  The metal is unmarked.  It does polish like silver but is probably not sterling.  The stem is a simple handmade straight pin which appears to be bronze with a silver overlay.  This tupo measures 3.625" long by 1.875" wide.  Maker and age are unknown.  The tupo was purchased in Peru.  This Peruvian Bird, Moon and Stars Tupo or Shawl Pin is in Very Good condition.  It has been handcrafted so there are natural imperfections in the surface, particularly on the back of the moon,