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  • Old Photograph of an Altar

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    This is an unusual Old Photograph of an Altar.  It shows a central altar with a housed crucifix and a Bible on a book stand, two side shrines with statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, religious paintings of Jesus on a cloud and what appear to be female saints, rows of candles (both small votives and tall tapers in candelabras) and dozens of plants and flowers.  This lightly sepia-toned photograph measures 4.25" high by 6.125" wide and appears to have been trimmed, probably to fit into an album.  The back reads: "L.D. Morse, Jr., Photographer, San Mateo, Cal."  This Old Photograph of an Altar is in good condition.  There is a light diagonal scratch, which crosses the painting to the right of the altar, and some spotting on the upper right side.  Ideal for art projects.