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  • Old Brass Repousse Pillbox

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    This Old Brass Repousse Pillbox has a beautifully handcrafted lid with simple sides and base.  The repousse (metalwork hammered into relief from the reverse side) design is a decorative center escutcheon (or shield) flanked by what appear to be an organic crown, a fleur-de-lis, and side tendrils.  This escutcheon was probably designed to showcase the owner's initials but has never been engraved.  The remainder of the top is filled with flowers, leaves, and a petal-like outer border.  The box measures 1.4375" high by 1.5" wide by 0.75" deep.  The box is unmarked.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Old Brass Repousse Pillbox is in Generally Good condition.  However, there is a hairline crack on one corner of the lid and some small brown spots on the sides of the lid.