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  • Japanese Novelty Razors

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    This item consists of three Japanese Novelty Razors, which were discovered in a small vintage Japanese chest of drawers.  The top razor measures 4.25" long with a swing out arm containing a 1.5" blade.  The handle is marked "Feather Flamingo" on both sides in raised letters.  It also has a raised flamingo on one side and a raised leaf-like design on the other.  The middle razor measures 2.5" long with a 2" swing out blade.  The case is made of bright pink plastic with a raised, painted colorful floral design.  Both the back of the case and the blade are marked with Japanese characters.  The bottom razor measures 2.75" long and has a swing out arm which holds a 1.5" blade.  The clear plastic case (with green metallic backing) is embossed with diamonds, a pair of birds, and the word "Bon" on both sides.  All of these Japanese Novelty Razors are in good condition.  The blades in the Feather Flamingo and pink case are slightly rusted.  The pink case also has a small crack on the back. Ideal for art projects.