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  • Nickel Silver Double Breasted Milagros

    This item consists of four styles of Nickel Silver Double Breasted Milagros, probably produced in Peru.  This milagro is usually used by someone asking for help with a particular ailment of the breasts.  They include: 1.125" (32mm) by 1.625" (41mm) stylized breasts with conical protrusion, a scalloped exterior border, and a center X and line design: a 1.125" (32mm) by 1.125" (32mm) sculptural torso with round breasts, large nipples and large belly button; a 0.625" (16mm) by 0.75" (19mm) squared torso with conical breasts and large nipples; and 0.875" (22mm) by 2" (51mm) pair of simple arched round breasts with small nipples and center notched panel.  All are made of nickel silver (also known as alpaca silver), which is a metal alloy made from a combination of copper, nickel and other metal (zinc, tin, lead or cadmium).  It has an appearance similar to sterling silver but is used as a less expensive alternative.  It is popularly used in South America.  Makers and ages of these four milagros are unknown.  These Nickel Silver Double Breasted Milagros are in very good condition with no damage or wear.