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  • Nepalese Blank Book with Handmade Lokta Pages

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    This is a Nepalese Blank Book with Handmade Lokta Pages.  Both front and back covers are overlaid with handmade decorative papers -- a center paper in purple printed in gold with doubled fish and a spine and corner paper in textured orange.  The front cover also has a hand painting of a woman, whose large eye and blue hair are seen in profile.  She is surrounded by vegetation, holding a flower in one hand and a leaf in the other.  She wears detailed clothing and both of her arms are covered in bracelets.  She is surrounded by a simple blue, yellow, red and black border design.  The pale tan, textured pages are made from datecabana (lokta), which is found in Eastern Nepal and has been used in papermaking since the 12th century.  This paper was used for recording epic tales, printed mantras for prayer wheels, religious texts chanted by Buddhists, and government documents.  This blank book measures 8" high by 5.875" wide by 0.75" wide and contains 88 pages (each page differs slightly in thickness, texture and pattern, as is common in handmade papers).  There is also an attached red braided bookmark.  This Nepalese Blank Book with Handmade Lokta Pages has never been used and is in very good condition.  There is some very minor wear to the edges of the covers, where the paper is naturally very thin.  This does not affect the integrity of the book.