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Vintage Needle Packets and Threaders

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This item consists of six Vintage Needle Packets and three vintage aluminum Threaders.  Two packets are the English made "The Flora MacDonald Needle Packet" rug or tapestry needles (#18), which come in a yellow paper folder with a portrait of Flora on the front.  They measure 2" high by almost .5" wide and contain needles, which may or may not be original. One packet is the German made "Sharps Peerless Large Eyes" needles, a deep purple-gray folder with a tipped-in label and a lion and unicorn logo.  It measures 1.875" long by 1" wide and contains one needle.  Two packets are "Superfine Chenille Needles (Blunts)" which were manufactured by G. Printz & Co. from Aix-La-Chapelle.  They measure 1.5" long by a little over .75" wide and are in purple paper folders with red tipped-in labels (one packet is faded).  They both contain needles, which appear to be original but may not be complete.  The fifth packet is the English made "Hiawatha Petit Point Needles" (Package No. 22 / 3 Needles Made Expressly for Heirloom Needlework Guild Inc, a subsidiary of Dritz-Traum Co. Inc, New York).  This folder (2" high by 1.2" wide) is red, white and blue and has an illustration of a woman in a long tiered dress working on an embroidery frame.  Each of the three threaders have a profile of a woman embossed on to the aluminum.  The two smaller ones (1.35" long) were made in Japan; the larger one (1.5" long) in the U.S.A.  All of these Vintage Needle Packets and Threaders are in generally good condition.  They appear to have been used and show some wear.