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  • Modern Porcelain Doll Head of a Victorian Woman

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    This modern porcelain doll head of a Victorian woman was molded and hand-painted in 1991 by DW , as marked on the back of the neck.  The head measures 2" high, extending from the top of the head to the bottom of the neck.  She has blonde hair molded into a 19th century style with coiffed hair around her face and a large bun at back.  Her eyes have been painted with black and pale blue irises, black eyelashes, and red dots at the corners.  She has blonde eyebrows, red dotted nostrils, pink tinted cheeks and forehead, and smiling red lips.  Her facial profile is rather flat and the base of her neck is curved, so that the head stands up at an angle.  This modern porcelain doll head of a Victorian Woman has no cracks or chips.