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  • Modern Peruvian Chancay Mother and Child Burial Doll

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    This is a Modern Peruvian Chancay Mother and Child Burial Doll.  These dolls were traditionally used in the Chancay culture, a pre-Columbian civilization that inhabited the central coast of Peru between AD 1000 and 1476.  The burial dolls were made of woven fabric, typically stuffed with reeds or fiber and dressed in gendered clothes woven to size.  The faces were usually woven tapestry with dramatic facial features.  Their purpose is unknown.  Contemporary Chancay dolls are modeled after the old ones, frequently made with scraps of original textiles.  This mother and child burial doll measures 7.5" high by 4" wide by 2" deep.  Both mother and child have oversized, triangular shaped heads with pink and black embroidered facial features on orange burlap.  The mother has woven black yarn hair, while the child has a open weave cap.  The mother's hands and arms and legs and feet are made from reeds wrapped with brown and magenta yarn.  Both the hands and feet have two long appendages.  Both mother and child are dressed in old woven fabrics in shades of brown.  Maker and exact age are unknown.  This Modern Peruvian Chancay Mother and Child Burial Doll is in very good condition.  Edges of the fabrics are fraying, which is typical of these dolls.